Foot Reflexology and VitaFlex

Foot Reflexology has been around since ancient times.  Illustrations of Eqyptians applying pressure to points on the feet let us know its value throughout ancient history.  VitaFlex is a similar principle as Reflexology.  The primary difference is in the movement used to stimulate the reflex points on the feet.  Reflexology uses an 'inch' movement with the thumb and moves up the foot through the zones and reflex areas.

VitaFlex works the same zones and reflex areas.  However, the movement is a rocking motion from finger tips to nail beds that involves using most of the fingers of one hand, moving up the foot.  Both are effective in freeing energy.  The reflexology treatment can involve the use of one or the other, or both techniques for the best results. 

What is Reflexology?

Your body is divided into 10 zones – 5 on each side of the body – that run from the centre of your head out, and down you body to your feet. They also extend out your arms to your fingers.

Zone 1 on the left or right side of the body, for example,  runs through your nose, mouth, neck, esophagus, spine, bladder and genital area. Zone 2 encompasses parts of your eyes, neck, bronchi/lungs, heart, diaphragm, adrenals, kidneys, ureter, parts of large and small intestine, pelvic area and so forth.

When the feet are worked, you are treating each of these parts encompassed within the related Zone. If you work one part of the Zone, energetically you work the whole Zone. All systems are represented on your feet or hands, because of these Zones. That is why Reflexology is so effective in relaxing the whole body, and is very calming to the nervous system, thereby lessening stress. 

Reflexology is a good system in recognizing areas of congestion within the body. By working the feet, this congestion can be freed up. To the Reflexologist this congestion can be felt as spongy, tight or crunchy areas on the feet. Some may be painful when first worked, but the goal of Reflexology is not to create pain – but to move energy, so it is with that focus that the Reflexologist works.

 To do a thorough job, it takes up to one hour to complete a treatment.