What is Tensegrity/Myofascia Balancing

The term ‘Tensegrity’ is a combination of two words – tension and integrity – two valuable concepts in the body, and in all life on this planet.

Tensegrity, when applied to the body, is a method of correcting areas: stressed from daily living; or physical challenges experienced from some kind of trauma that has altered aspects of the connective tissue. When you experience an impact injury, the body creates a tsunami wave (soliton) inside the body (we are 70%+ water). This wave travels from the point of impact through the body in a radiating pathway, and in so doing, alters the molecular structure of the water of the organs & bones (which hold liquid) that it meets on the way. Because water is dense, and therefore cannot contract in on itself, the impact wave will cause the organ &/or bone to expand. The organ or bone altered by a heavy impact will rarely change back to normal on its own because it contains the frequency (EMF) and memory of this impact. However, the connective tissue and cytoskeleton contain the memory of the normal shape. By removing the memory of the trauma and/or balancing the EMF of the body, it will shift and change back to its normal tension and integrity. This is accomplished through BodyTalk, Access or soft Myofascia Release.

Tensegrity/Myofascia Release uses both hands in contact with the living matrix (connective tissue) that holds the body together and the energy from the hands creates the Tensegrity Balance via the "piezo-electric” effect travelling between the hands. You actually feel movement and energy surges while it is being done.

While holding the site, there is a continued softening and releasing of tension in the Myofascia/Connective Tissue and movement in the body which generates a variety of oscillating bioelectric signals or micro currents as the area is adjusted back to normal. By gentle stretching movements, the energy between the hands can alter the blocked energy in the site and free up pain. In combination with BodyTalk or alone, "Tensegrity/Myofascia Balancing” is a powerful natural healing method. Most people comment on how it is very relaxing and soothing. This can be done fully clothed.

Scientists have begun to realize the importance of the connective tissue and its relationship to the whole functioning of the body system. It is a liquid crystalline material. It contains both the physical and the subtle communication systems: blood, nerve, lymph, protons, electrons, solitons and the electromagnetic frequencies of the body; the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, digestive tract, and more – ensheathed in and partitioned by connective tissue (James Oschman). It reaches every single cell in the body and carries and stores our consciousness within the cells (Candace Pert, Bruce Lipton). Therefore it stores our emotions and belief systems. This creates blocked energy in the body, leading to stress, tension, tightness and pain – that Tensegrity/Myofascia Release and/or BodyTalk will address.

Fee is $95 per hour or $50 per half hour.