BodyTalk for Animals

"Each individual animal comes with specific genetic characteristics, anatomical, physiological and emotional make-up, a distinct set of life experiences and a unique role within the family matrix. All of these factors will influence the overall health and balance of the animal.”

The bodies of animals are like those of humans in that they have the ability to heal themselves, guided by innate wisdom. In the wild, animals generally do not have the hindrance of belief systems and emotions to delay healing. In fact, it is the instinctual nature and innate wisdom of healing that perpetuates the species.

Animal Talk on Dog

Domesticated animals differ in many ways compared to animals of the wild. Animals that have been in interaction with humans can become sensitive to their owner’s belief systems and emotions. This can slow the healing process of the animal. They also can take on the problems or issues of the owner and manifest illnesses as a result. When there is an imbalance between their natural instincts and those imposed by living with humans, the bodymind of an animal is compromised, symptoms can manifest as behavioural issues, emotional disorders, physical challenges or all three.

Through BodyTalk for Animals we can help to restore balance on all levels, allowing the animal’s innate wisdom to guide the session. Biofeedback is used, through the owner or family member, or surrogate, to ascertain what needs to be addressed and balanced. The fee for a session is $70.

AnimalTalk sessions are generally done in the animal’s current home environment; they can also be done as Distance Sessions. A BodyTalk Animal ‘Access’ Course is available. Instructors for this course can be found on the BodyTalk website.