Body Talk System - Distance Sessions + Distance Study Proves BT Works!

BodyTalk Distance Sessions work by offering a mental suggestion to the client's subconscious mind or innate wisdom, and not through any physical techniques.

Many BodyTalk Practitioners offer distance sessions and my experience indicates that these distance sessions are as powerful as in-person sessions.

Doing BodyTalk at a distance is as effective, if not more so, than doing it in person. I personally have been having sessions with other Practitioners as far away as Alberta, and often will feel the changes occurring in my body as the session progresses. If you are unable to come to Muskoka for a session, and would like to experience this amazing system, than it can be done over the phone. Your body determines how much it is willing to access and process, so the time involved in a session varies.The fee for a session is $125 + HSTand packages for 4 sessions are $500. including HST

BodyTalk is amazing for children of all ages, and helps to put them back into balance from trauma they may have experienced – much more quickly than adults! I highly recommend this system, and feel it is a privilege to be trained and part of this matrix of healing.

There is a study available to see at
Distance Study Proves BT Works!

Dr. Laura Stuve, a Certified BodyTalk Instructor, practitioner, and PhD Molecular Biologist and geneticist, performed a chronic pain study, along with Janet Galipo, Senior BodyTalk Instructor, and 6 other American BodyTalk practitioners. The study was performed using distance sessions only, targeting chronic pain, in individuals who had never received ANY BodyTalk before this study. These conditions were established to comply with the National Institute of Health, and followed their guidelines using a randomized control trial, single blinded.

In order to control for the placebo effect, keeping NIH grant credibility as the guideline, the distance sessions were established as the blinding effect. Assessments were done by Self Assessments using PROMIS, also NIH guidelines.

The subjects were any individuals who had chronic pain, on a pain scale from 0 - 10, 0 being no pain and 10 being excruciating, the rating had to be more that 4.

The conditions were that all subjects had to have all correspondance done remotely, and all sessions were distance. This meant that all subjects corresponded only via phone or through the website. The subjects were not allowed to use any other CAM (Complimentary Alternative Medicine) modalities for the duration of the 9 week study. The only exclusions were that subjects had to be 18 and older and could not be on opiate based pain medications.

The results were undeniably astounding! Measurements were recorded by statistician, Dr. Honghu Liu, PhD, a professor at UCLA's School of Medicine who is actively teaching clinical study design and who helped developed the PROMIS initiative.

The control group, (who DID NOT receive BodyTalk sessions), reported a 15.4% improvement, while the study group, (who DID received sessions), reported a 70.4% improvement. When the statistical data was analysed, a significant value will always measure under 0.05. The lower the value, the greater the significance of improvement.

The data showed:

For Pain Level 0.0074

For Pain Impact0.0493

For Anxiety0.0025

For Depression0.0321

For Anger0.0061

For Fatigue0.0333

After the study was over, all participants were asked which group they thought they were in. Only 1 person from the control group thought they were in the study group. However, nearly all of the participants in the study group thought they were receiving BodyTalk sessions.

I am thrilled and truly inspired by the work that Dr. Laura Stuve, Dr. Janet Galipo, and the American practitioners created. Please let others know about this data. If these are the results using distance sessions, one can only imagine the results globally!

Spread the news! BodyTalk clinically demonstrates significant improvement!