Radionics – A Quantum Matrix Healing Modality

Radionics is the science of healing through quantum resonance, utilizing the intuitive faculties of the practitioner in conjunction with a physical instrument(s), device, and/or geometric pattern, or a substance, to diagnose and to treat. The instrument, serves to amplify the signals like a frame is to a picture. A frame highlights the frequency of a painting and creates a boarder - it captures, like a transmitting pattern, but it also sends out. Its mechanism is wholly quantum in that it is the first healing technique claiming to influence/working at a distance. (Non-local entanglement)

Beginning in the early 1900’s Doctor Albert Abrams was considered the father of modern day radionics. He was the first to associate disease as a frequency and/or waveform. Since then there has been a barrage of professionals who have added their own research and development. Practitioners like Ruth Drown, George De La warr, Malcolm Rae, and my colleague and friend Doctor David V. Tansley, have been foremost in shaping this fascinating healing modality.

Using the dowsing faculties of the practitioner, Radionics seeks to prioritize the areas of imbalance, illness etc., whether it be physical, etheric (subtle), astral (emotional) mental or spiritual (chakras) in origin. Frequencies determined from this exercise are then sent or delivered back to our bodies’, which have a healing affect by cancelling out the negative patterns and infusing positive ones.

As a holistic application, it is inclusive and works co-operatively with our bodies’ innate healing abilities. Radionics is very effective and compliments other modes of healing including conventional ones. Its’ versatility is expressed by working on humans, animals, soil and crops, buildings, spaces, property, synthesize remedies, etc. It is excellent in gaining deeper insight as to reasons behind certain physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges. One can determine strengths, weaknesses, limitations and capacities and provide insights how to improve and create balance and harmony.

Radionics as a quantum resonance phenomena works with the invisible matrix that shapes our world. This morphic field is the matrix of generation, the invisible field of energy waves or thoughts, which create our universe physically and non-physically. Author Doctor Bruce Lipton says, this invisible thought field just mentioned, is the source of genetic adaptation, and the DNA is the memory banks inside the cells. Our brain is central processing unit and the nervous system ligands (protein chain sites), as its’ extension, are contained on every cell's surface. These in turn, act as antennas, receiving and relaying information from the field to the inside of the cell so it can adapt to changes. Radionics enters at this level and can help co-create our reality in partnership with the Universe.

Radionics is a holistic application, inclusive and co-operative in working with the bodies’ innate healing abilities and is used to discover the hidden reasons for illness and imbalance. It works directly with the morphogenic fields clearing the matrix and cell receptors, which improves communication and effects healing. It helps to change the frequency, clear blockages, which aid the body to revive, restore, and regenerate on all levels of body, mind and spirit.

Radionics courses with John Nauss will be available starting in the Fall 2013. Stay tuned for updates.