John Nauss

John is of native origin from Nova Scotia whose great -great -grandmother was a native mic maq healer and mid-wife.

He has studied with the top professionals in his areas of interest. He is well educated as an Herbalist (and nutritional supplements) and Iridologist, and use of Flower and Gem Essences, homeopathics, geopathic stress assessments and balancing, is a Dowser and is able to read energies.He has training in the chemical constituents and properties of vitamins and minerals and their interactions in the body.

He has training in Theosophy, Esoterics and Astrology, as well as Neuro Linguistic Programming, has been an instructor in Touch for Health and has studied and worked with Clinical Kinesiology. He has Ayurvedic assessment training, Body Alignment Technique (BAT) and many other skills, talents and abilities to numerous to list here.

Some of his teachers have been: Palliative Care under Dr. Charles Taylor D. Div., Dr. Jack Ritchason, John Finch and Dr. Bernard Jensen for Iridology; Gordon Stokes for Touch for Health; Stress Assessment and Dowsing with Dr. Josef Oberbach; Neuro Linguistic Programming with Dr. John Grinder; Ayurvedic assessment training by Dr. John Doullard; Alignment Technique (BAT)(Level 1-3) with Jeff Levin; Feng Shui (Chinese geomancy) with Helen Williams.

For 30 years he has been self employed as a Holistic Health Practitioner, which included teaching courses, development of Radionics (a natural healing system using devices, primarily working in the subtle anatomy fields). He was a personal friend and colleague,of David V. Tansley in the UK and studied Radionics with him.

While living in Glastonbury, England for five years he worked as a planetary healer and continues to do so with a growing network of colleagues. While there he learned how to effectively be a channeler and helped people link to their guides....amongst other things....including past life astrology.

Education: He has a BA. (Acadia University) with a Major area of study in Religion (classical Greek), English, plus courses in psychology, psychotherapy, theology, practical training in palliative care counselling and with prison inmates and two years of Pre-medical studies at University of Waterloo in physiology, anatomy, and microbiology.

He has had 3 near-death experiences himself and chose to work in palliative care to help people who were dying. He continued his studies and expanded his learning through Rosicrucians, Baptist then Mormon Church, where he was a Minister of family studies and genealogy teacher/researcher and established a Genealogy Society in Nova Scotia. In addition he ministered as a specialist healer, Priest, Elder and scriptorian, teacher and missionary trainer amongst many other callings.

Currently John is collaborating with Diannah Benson in offering evening and weekend group gatherings. He will be educating, sharing, and showing balancing and healing techniques to help us all learn how to stay centered and grounded in our changing environment. Because of all that John has learned and experienced in his life, these gatherings will be empowering experiences. The two hour evening seminars will be open and welcome questions and discussion in a casual learning environment, with exploratory meditations included during some of the evenings. You will be learning strategies of how to move beyond coping and strategies for the future to help stabilize your energies.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn from a highly intuitive, interesting and experienced light worker, who can look in your eyes, and read and help balance your subtle energy fields, work on the chakra levels and beyond, recommend the best nutritional supplements for you, and help you to work with your own energy fields and raise your frequencies to help you Weather the Changes!

Weekend courses will be developed based on the interest of those present in the evening groups.

John is also available during the day of and the day following the evening presentations for private sessions.

To register or to find out more about the evening talks go the Events page on this website.