Weathering the Changes Evening Presentations

John Nauss and Diannah Benson recognized a common interest in wanting to help individuals in a group setting be more aware and prepared to handle the shifts that are taking place at this time on our planet.

Diannah has been aware, when working with clients, how many are working with day to day challenges in their lives, and are having difficulty coping. John, a friend of many years past, was teaching Diannah ways of coping and raising her energy up to a level that made it easier to be more ‘in’ and enjoy ‘ the moment’.

They both felt that everyone would benefit from the information, so decided to offer these evening groups as a way of sharing this and more awarenesses. The power of group gatherings helps everyone to shift more quickly. Healing opportunities can be addressed with group energy – or the individual or for the group as a whole. Not only does increasing the number of observers amplify the impact of the session on the individual, but the increased understanding of the group amplifies the results for all of the participants.

John’s background encompasses a native, religious and a strong spiritual/esoteric background with training by many top instructors in the fields of Radionics, Iridology and NLP, just to name a few. He also is well versed in Genealogy and some interesting perspectives on how to view Astrology. He is an Intuitive, Planetary Healer and Dowser.

John, who lives in Toronto, has been seeing clients for Radionics/Iridology/Nutrition treatments in Bracebridge at Diannah’s. He will be here every other week to share what he knows and has learned on his journey during the evening talks and will also see clients.

The Goals of the evening groups is to help us become more aware of our thought processes and the languaging that we use. With this awareness we can change what we attract, and become more aware of the synchronicities happening around us and to us. This can be a way of revealing (Revelation) how we self sabotage- and change it to a positive perspective. What are your goals and intentions? That is what you will attract to yourself. Phenius Quinby and the True Law of Attraction will be discussed, to understand our progression of our energy levels and how we are ever evolving and changing.

Further to the Goals, there will be information and discussions on energies on all levels, including the subtle energy field around us, understanding the concepts of frequencies, how to clear and balance resonances, and raise our frequencies so we can stay out of the ‘muck’, but also how to stay grounded, so we can stay present as humans. Yes, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We want to be able to experience both to live a full live on earth. The one thing that makes us evolving humans is our ability to choose!

Another Goal is to recognize how connected we are, and when we do work on ourselves to shift and change, letting go of old belief systems that no longer serve us, and start attracting that which is supportive to our journey, we also indirectly change others around us, and within our genetic line: a native perspective is 7 generations before and seven generations after us.

We will also learn ways to guard ourselves and what to buy into! When you turn on the TV what is it they want you to believe? Think of some of the ways they try to convince us to buy their products for example? We can bring articles, books, etc. for discussion.

This is just the beginning goals that John and Diannah will present. There are many branches leading off from here, and all will help us Weather the Changes and experience life from a whole new perspective.

Course Dates: 2011 - Tuesday – 7 to 9 pm.

Pre-register at "Upcoming Events" on this website or by phone - $20. per evening. At the door - $25

Week 1 -Sept. 20th: Synchronicity and Energy: Engage the Universal forces of personal revelation and intention. Attention on group and individual healing; centering and protection; who we really are and our true goal for this life experience.

Week 2 -Oct. 4th: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Affirmations: Shift the illusions. Anchor the Power to Change

Week 3 -Oct. 18th: NLP, Communication and Visualization: Perception is everything. Everyone communicates, visualizes and perceives. Learn how you can create your life in harmony with others around you by simply starting to change your language.

Week 4 -Nov. 1st: Subtle Energy and Chakras: Everyone needs healing and wholeness. Knowing the subtle energy and how it manifests is a key to our success in anything we do or become.

Week 5 -Nov. 15th: Muscle Testing and Dowsing: Some tools to help us understand and guide us on our journey. Staying in choice and balance. Shift Energy quickly.

Week 3 and Week 5 covers a lot of powerful information. To explore it further they will be offered for further study as 6 hour courses at a later date, for further understanding.

The time is upon us. The one thing that makes us humans unique from all the other kingdoms on earth is our ability to choose – to experience the journey with a new perspective of ourselves and the world around us, or not!

Whether your changes are subtle or extreme, it does not matter. As a group we will be learning how to engage universal skills and what supports, guides each of us effectively in our lives. The goal is to create a "skills tool chest ", learn what charges up our physical, emotional and spiritual bank accounts and to shift and weather changes at a moments notice.