Vanishing Twin Syndrome and Fetal Life Perceptions Course

As many as one in eight of us start out in the womb with company (womb mates) and then something happens and the company vanishes – usually between the 3rd and 4th month. This leaves a number of issues for the Surviving Twin, such as abandonment & feeling alone, low self esteem, sabotage relationships, unexplainable guilt or grief, overwhelming sadness, disconnected, seeking perfection and unconditional love, and so forth.

These perceptions create issues that lead to reactive behaviors that seem unexplainable and can lead to stress, and physical & emotional issues throughout life. Through the BodyTalk System, Diannah is able to help clients access these subconscious beliefs by bringing them to conscious awareness. Once there, they no longer have the power to create over-reactions. We are better able to respond to life, rather than react without understanding why. Distance sessions can be done either by phone or the session's results can be e-mailed.

Diannah Benson offers a one-day course on how to address Vanishing Twin Syndrome with a BodyTalk approach and in so doing also addresses Fetal Life Perceptions in general, whether a twin survivor, or not. We look at our creation in the womb with Sacred Geometry, Extraordinary Vessels, Platonic Solids, Spirals and Fractals so that we have a better understanding of ourselves as Consciousness in creation.

Through the BodyTalk System, one is able to access the womb issues, and find out where and how they have impacted the physical body; then bring awareness of the emotional issues that relate to this experience. Awareness awakens the conscious mind and helps release the stress & reactive behaviors in the subconscious programming. This allows the client to live a more responsive life and lessens the need to defend and protect oneself from ‘previously unknown issues’. This course is not limited to just BodyTalk Practitioner though. Read on...

Vanishing Twin Syndrome: Fetal Life Perceptions Course brings in Five Elements, Five Senses, Organs, Endocrines, Body Parts, Planets, Houses, Sacred Geometry, Bach Flower Remedies, etc. as ways of helping to understand & balance the womb experience.

Cost of Course: $295 plus HST including a Manual. This is not a BodyTalk Course, but can be used effectively with the BodyTalk protocol, or any system that can address Fetal Life. No certificates will be issued or titles given. However, it can change your life and that of your clients!

Connecting the Womb Experiences to Present Day Perceptions Can Be Life Changing

This course is open to Practitioners of a variety of modalities. The only qualifications required are the ability to test for priorities and isolate information from lists of options: for example, Resonance Repatterning Practitioners, Dowsers, Touch for Health Practitioners and others who use biofeedback or muscle testing

Contact Diannah if you are interested in taking this course. She will let you know when the next course is scheduled.

Diannah Benson, CBP, Certified Access Trainer, Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Womb Survivor 705 646 1436

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