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BodyTalk ACCESS – A New Path to Family and Community Health

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You will learn powerful healing techniques takes only 10 minutes to do!

Be amazed at what your body can heal!

BodyTalk ACCESS is a certificate program that includes an easy-to-use instruction manual, and snacks at morning and afternoon breaks. A fun-filled, hands-on day learning ‘The Language of Health!’ where you can feel immediate improvements in your well-being! Learn in a day – Use for a lifetime!

Cortices: Do you want to ‘wake up’ your brain so you can live each moment in a more present and focused manner? Then the Cortices technique is just for you! It helps to defrag and organize your files to improve and balance the communications and efficiency of the brain. Specific immediate effects include improvements in thinking ability, memory, concentration, stress reduction, enhanced feelings of wellbeing, and general physiological functioning of the body, thereby improving overall health. Testimonial: I can't believe the difference it makes. I have been doing the cortices each night. Even my boss has noticed a difference, wants to know what drugs I am taking! Stress is still around, but it is like I am in a bubble and it is bouncing back off. Getting more work done, more efficiently. Linda H., Toronto

One of the common side effects of stress is the tendency for the mind to go into ‘switching’ mode. This can show up as inattentiveness, poor decision-making, confusion, making silly mistakes, tire easily, and mood swings. The ‘switched’ person often reverses simple things like left and right, yes and no. The Switching technique can help restore normal brain function.

Help your body to fully use the water it has available by learning the Hydration Technique to support and improve the efficiency of the cells, nerves, organs and other structures that are dependent upon a good supply of water. Have you ever experienced lethargy, headaches, poor coordination and pain? These can be some of the symptoms the body is dehydrated.

Stimulate your immune system to address any chronic and acute conditions caused by virus, bacteria, parasites, allergies, food intolerances, and accumulated toxins by learning the amazingly simple Body Chemistry Technique.

Reestablish the integrity of the structures of your body and have a significant effect on many forms of injuries, arthritis, circulatory issues, coordination patterns, spinal problems, and chronic pain by learning the Reciprocals Technique.

Target and resolve simple issues with the Fast Aid Technique, a system that is non-invasive, safe and very simple to learn and use. In serious conditions it is designed to be used safely until specialized health care arrives.

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For more information on BodyTalk go to: www.bodytalksystem.com

Fee: $180 + HST., The BodyTalk ‘Access’ Manual, Certificate, and snacks at breaks

Discount for Seniors 65, and members in the same household

Testimonial: I am glad to report great success with body talk - my seasonal allergies are reduced to almost nothing and I am not as sensitive to the sun as previous years. I feel more energetic.

Thought you might be interested in what happened the other night when I burned my hand.

I picked up a metal handled fry pan that had just come out of the oven with my right hand. Felt the burn right away and dropped the pan and immediately put my hand in cold water. I started to do Reiki on it but it increased the burning feeling so I got my BodyTalk Access book out and started to do the cortices but my hand hurt too much so I figured out what the reciprocals were - bottom of my left foot to the palm of my right hand. Did the tapping for on and off for about an hour. The pain disappeared and there is no blistering. The finger tips on my middle two fingers were red and somewhat tender and you could see where I had picked up the pan but no pain. Next morning the fingertips were still a little red, but no pain. Two days later there is no evidence of the burn. Very impressed.

Hi Diannah, can't believe the difference it makes. I have been doing the cortices each night, but I actually fell asleep one night while I was in the middle of doing them, so Mom says I missed a day.

Even my boss has noticed a difference, wants to know what drugs I am taking. Stress is still around, but it is like I am in a bubble and it is bouncing back off. Getting more work done, more efficiently.

Loads of thanks
I am pleased with the results from taking your BodyTalk Access course. After completing the Wellness Challenge, these were the changes I noticed.
The second or third time tapping the 5 steps, my TMJ joint on the right side gave a loud cracking sound and seconds later my neck on the right side gave a few cracking sounds as I turned to the left. I had had extensive dental work on that side a few years ago and it never felt level - and now it feels normal and there is more flexibility.
My posture has improved and there is more flexibility and I notice this in walking (more graceful).
Tapping your cortices before studying or reading something challenging really improves your focusing your more alert.
A tapper for life!