Aromatherapy Versus Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: Learn the difference between these two aromatic substances and how to use them.

The qualities in Aromatherapy Oils in relation to Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils is quite different, and is important to understand for the best usage and applications of nature’s bounty.

Why would you want to use aromatic oils? So many things we buy today have synthetic scent, which can have an adverse effect on our senses and impact our cranial nerves and brain. Natural aromatic oils have the ability to dissolve synthetic smells in cleaning products, perfumes, laundry detergent, etc. that have been absorbed into your system. So if you have felt you are allergic to scent, it may be the synthetic phenols that have been added to scent to make the scent last longer.

Interesting that a natural scent can resolve the synthetic scent and help clear your sinuses and your head. It only makes sense though, because you are utilizing the natural healing properties of the plant material you are smelling. When the oil has been extracted in a natural way it is an intense concentrate of those healing properties. It may initially give you a headache if you use oils in this way - but only because it is clearing the toxins out of your body.

Come and learn the hows and wherefors of these natural healing tools.